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Cantilevered Tipping Point. Sever from competition by design.


The exclusive Davit producer in Norway, NorDav has launched the NORDAV - NORWEGIAN SWIVEL DAVIT SYSTEM.
The competition is tight and the clients are asking what is the difference. The difference becomes clear when looking at the practical and looks of the design. It’s been 10 years evolution to come up with the ultimate davit, numerous tests have been conducted and finally we are NorDav away from any other swivel davit on the market. In fact, there was no other davits in the segment when our davit journey started.
There are a few key factors which makes NorDav unique.


The design is sleek and discreet, no flashy logos bends or twists, its plane minimalistic and it blends with the boat it installed on. If you didn’t know it, you may think its custom made for the boat or came from the boat factory as an integral part.


Cantilevered tipping point is giving access to bigger dinghy to be stored horizontally on smaller boats than before. Its unique in the way it allows side uptake due to the cantilevered tipping point. Boat owner can be positioned all the way on the side of the vessel hauling up the dinghy. Allowing longer dinghy or other type watercraft to be retrieved and stored at the swim platform. It’s in fact certified by 3rd party for loads up to 500 kilos or 1100 Pounds in the HD version.


The cantilevered tipping point is moving the centre of gravity forward or longer into the swim platform. This will impact the fuel consumption and overall performance of the boat it is installed on. The importance is increased with the load carried through the weight of dinghy or any watercraft you may fancy pull up

The unique cantilevered tipping point has never been promoted or explained to the market in detail, its kept quiet like a secret to build the brand before its properly launched. Unlike many others, we don’t produce anchors or cup holders, we focus on what matters most, this is to ensure our clients are getting the premium service and such value for the investment.

About the kits:
NorDav is sold with design tested, and certified by Møllerodden AS, Møllerodden is known worldwide for its quality onshore and offshore lifting equipment.

NorDav is sold as complete kits, the manual winch included. The galvanised Goliath safety winch comes with fibre sling and is capable of free unwinding of the sling. Telescopic winch pole for easy adjustment, transport and stow. Enclosed you will find install nuts, washers, and bolts in addition to a paper template or stencil for easy drilling deck.


Njordvegen 36
5580 Ølen

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Tags: Dinghy smart davit daviter watercraft Sea-doo H3O+ (PLUS) H2O+ ProDav Marine Williams 285 250 Standard QR250 Standard anchorlift DD3 DD5 Yacht davit H30+ XL Privilège3 MPI MPI-INOX noval Cooney river jet-tender tender RIB-boat

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