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Nauticfan offers various possibilities to put your company into the spotlight. You can add your company profile to our site. That will increases your exposure and brand awareness in the nautical sector. The costs are just EUR 48 per year, for one whole page. Add your company.


With every renewal of your account, we will put you on top of the listing in the category you wish. The longer you continue to advertise on our website, the higher your listing will be ranked. You will get regular updates on your position and number of visitors, so you know exactly when it's time for action.

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In just 3 simple steps you can add your business to Nauticfan. You can add your logo and three photos, your contact information, links to your social media profiles, and you can even post a YouTube video. During the registration process you will receive an e-mail confirmation link that allows you to create a personal login code so you are able to modify your data at a later stage. We offer you a professional looking company page.


In addition to standard company page on Nauticfan, we also offer other options to advertise your business, for example:

- A banner on our site
- Advertisement in our mailing
- Advertise through our social media network

Thanks to our years of experience in marketing, building websites and our knowledge of the maritime sector, Nauticfan has the right combination of skills and knowledge to help you with any kind of promotion and branding. We like to listened to your wishes and advise you about the right marketing activities. Please contact us to discuss your needs and the possibilities we can offer.

Would you like more online exposure and publicity? Add your company on this website! 700+ companies are already registrered. Add your company »

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