Safety checklist to begin your sailing journey

Safety checklist to begin your sailing journey - Nauticfan the maritime portalSailing in the deep blue water is somewhat exciting and overwhelming for everyone. The feeling of getting abandoned by professional duties and chilling out the sun brings goose bump to those who love sailing. If you own a yacht, the only thing you need to do is just to pack your back and sail along the waves.

Sailing through the ocean, just for spending quality time with your beloved ones, has come up with special duties and responsibilities. Some sailors are so eager to sail that they overlook vital safety checks before starting their journey. If you are one of such over-enthusiastic persons, then all you need is to pre-plan your trip to make it a comfortable and happiest experience that will be cherished till life.

Before finalizing your sailing trip, you just need to check out the list that might help you to ease your journey. You can also keep a copy of this list on your boat so that you can easily find out what you have in some forbidden situations. Here’s the safety checklist you need to know before beginning your sailing.

The weather

This is the foremost thing for having a good experience at the sea. Nobody wants to travel along with the dark and stormy ocean which can be the worst sailing nightmare ever. Make sure the weather of that day is bright and sunny to make your journey safe and enjoyable. For checking the weather, you can take help of your local authorities or fishermen or can browse it online. Besides weather, you also need to check the forecast and local wind and wave conditions.

The vessel

As the weather is clear, the next thing that you need to check is your vessel. The yacht should be in sound condition and sturdy to take on the heavy strikes of millions of waves. If you are unlucky to own a boat, then you can rent it for your journey. For renting a boat, you can only have to complete some legal formalities with respect to the authorities of that area. Make sure the vessel includes safety guards, life jackets, anchor, emergency airboat and other important accessories.

The communication

Communication is the best way to safety and before sailing you need to inform your relatives or beloved ones about your departure and arrival timings. You also need to tune your VHF to channel 16 or respective channel. In addition to this, it is vital to turn on and test other important electronic equipment like a plotter, emergency lights, radar etc.

The crew

Distribute the duties amongst your friends or family member. Communicate the strength of each member and decide accordingly who is going to do what before beginning your trip. Assign roles like leaving the dock, handling lines and fenders, preparing food, watching navigation, doing communication etc. You also need to teach your crew member about how to stay safe on the water.

The engine

Checking the fuel and oil is the core necessity before you start sailing. Also, inspect for hoses and loose wiring. You also need to check the engine cooling water intake and outflow and engine gauges. Make sure they are in good working conditions. You also need to check the bilges for fluids or leaks. You also have to run the blower with a gas engine before sailing.

The basic necessities

Dressing is the first necessity over the sea. Hypothermia is the main risk of cold water and to avoid it, you need to dress up warmly. Make sure to wear three to four layers before starting your journey. Bring some raw and organic food to feed your beloved ones and friends. Besides basic necessities, you also have to confirm safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, flares, PFDs for all crew, first aid kit, etc.

Key takeaways:

No matter you are on land or water, you always have to provide comfort to your loved ones. Sailing with all the safety and necessary items will make your journey even more memorable. Remember that you are a captain and a captain has left no stone unturned to serve its guests.

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Safety checklist to begin your sailing journey - Nauticfan the maritime portal
Safety checklist to begin your sailing journey - Nauticfan the maritime portal
Safety checklist to begin your sailing journey - Nauticfan the maritime portal

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